Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get about our inhalers (Breathing machines)

The most common question we get about our hydrogen water bottle section is further down the page.

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Yes they are easy to use. On each product page you will see an instructional video on the use of the product. If you have any other questions at all please contact us HERE

We are not doctors so we cannot talk about specific health issues without the potential of getting in trouble but what we can do is point you to a wealth of information and medical studies that support the benefits of this therapy and it’s potential to help you with you. Molecular Hydrogen institute has gathered most of the medical studies into one place. You can view them HERE 

Yes we ship internationally to almost every country with UPS. Typically United States shipments take 1 to 5 days and international packages take 5 to 10 days. Faster shipping is available upon request.

The shipping rates for our inhalers are:

  • Canada $105
  • Australia $166
  • Mexico $102
  • Europe $112
  • Africa $189
  • Asia $139
  • South America $118

We do not have any written instruction manuals for our products. We believe instructional videos are much easier to understand. You can view our instructional videos HERE

PEM generators produce pure hydrogen and oxygen gasses. The purity is 99.95%. Browns gas is pure hydrogen and oxygen that is mixed together at a ratio of 67% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. It is also called oxyhydrogen.

Why are PEM inhalers better than the AquaCure?

1. They do not use lye so you will never come in contact with lye water that will burn your skin. The AquaCure uses 80 grams of lye making it very caustic and will burn you. The lye water will need to be handled when doing maintenance.

2. Maintenance on PEM inhalers is easy. Simply drain the water out through the drain port and refill with fresh distilled water. The AquaCure needs to be drained and flushed out several times with fresh water. The machine also needs to be tipped up side down to drain out the water. For a lot of people turning this heavy machine up side down is simply not possible.

3. Our PEM inhalers are portable. Some have carrying handles with others that are small and easy to move. The AquaCure is cumbersome with all it s attachments and not as easy to move.

4. The AquaCure starts out as a china built water torch. These machines can be purchased online for $150. They rebuild the machine to be safe to use but they keep the generator which is cheaply made. This is why this machine needs to be cleaned so often and needs to be rinsed out so many times. Because the materials in the generator are of low grade. The plates are slowly eaten away making it fail over time if recommended maintenance is not done. Take a look at their water maintenance procedure. Notice the gunk in the bucket and how involved it is to clean.

5. Because the AquaCure uses so much lye it is prone to lye spillover meaning the lye gets suspended in the BG gas and leaves the machine with the gas. The small bubbler scrubbers cannot scrub out all this lye. A lot of people add a second bubbler to help with this but people are reporting lye spillover into the gas you breathe after only 2 hours of use. If you are going to use the AquaCure you should think about using  2 bubblers and make sure you change the water out every 2 hours. Who wants to breathe in lye?? PEM inhalers are completely safe to use with no byproducts getting into you inhaled gas. They generates clean gas and what could be more important for safety.

6. The reason why the AquaCure’s price is soo high is because they pay large affiliate commissions and they have to pay for the lifetime warranty. Some affiliates are paid more than $500. We offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. We believe a customer can make up their mind within 60 days weather they want to keep the machine. Our affiliates are not paid much so we can pass off the savings to the customer.

8. One last thing and I think is very important is that PEM inhalers use Titanium plates to generate it’s BG oxy/hydrogen. Stainless steel is used in the AquaCure and most of us know that chromium 6 will leech out of the plates into the water. This has the potential to contaminate the BG gas.

9. Here is video we did cutting open the BG electrolyzer from the $150 Chinese welding machine :

All of our inhalers can make hydrogen water with the included diffuser stone. The Pure hydrogen (PEM) machines can infuse between 1.0 to 1.5PPM and the BG inhaler can infuse from .03 to .05PPM. The reason why the PPM is so low for the BG machine is because the oxygen in the gas takes up space in the water thus reducing the amount of hydrogen that and be infused.

Is your water reservoir cap or blue humidifier cap on tight? If the cap isn’t tight the gas will not be forced out of the machine and will leak out the cap.

The oxygen will not flow if the water reservoir cap is not tight. It will also not flow if attached to the diffuser stone.

You can breathe oxygen through the nasal cannula and also combine it with the hydrogen using the adapter.

Hydrogen/oxygen will not flow when the diffuser stone is attached. Hydrogen/oxygen will flow when a nasal cannula is attached.

All of our machines will work with your power. Before we ship it we will set it up to use either 115v AC or 220v AC depending on the your countries voltage. We will send with your purchase a power adapter so you can plug it directly into your countries power outlet.

Hydrogen Water Bottles FAQ section

The most common question we get about our H2Nano hydrogen water bottle and hydrogen water pitcher

Hydrogen water should be drank as quickly as possible. It dissipates out of the water fast. Typically you should drink it within 30 minutes after making it. If stored in a closed container it can last for 1-2 hours. I think of it like opening a can of soda. The longer it is open the flatter it gets. It’s the same with hydrogen water.

Warranty: 60 day no questions asked return policy. 1 year parts and labor warranty. This means you can return it for the first 60 days. After that if the machine fails we will fix it free of charge for a year. Warranty starts the day of purchase. Customer pays for all shipping charges, duties and taxes.

Our return policy is HERE

From the research I have found and read. Water temperatures over 60 degrees Celsius will kill it. I recommend at cleaning time to fill the machine with 60c water and let it sit for a few minutes to kill off bacteria that May form inside the machine.

The gas coming out of the machine is 99.99% hydrogen and oxygen. It is as pure as pure gets. When you are breathing it you want it to be non flammable inside your lungs and this is why we use a nasal cannula. When you breathe in the hydrogen mixes with outside air to dilute to a safe level between 2 and 10%. This is a non flammable mixture that is safe to breathe.

No, Our H2Nano does not come with a inhaler attachment. In fact all portable bottles do not make enough gas production to make inhaling it beneficial to health.. All the bottles you see out there that come with these attachments are all gimmicks. Here is an example  HERE

Most of the time you will not be able to feel anything coming out the end of the cannula. To verify that gas is indeed flowing put the end of the cannula into a glass of water and look for the bubbles.

Yes when bagging a limb we recommend these products.

Take a close look at figure 1

When using a nasal cannula the 100% hydrogen gas is diluted to under 4% with our machines. The gas coming off the machine is mixed with outside air at the tip of the cannula to reduce it from 100% to under 4%.
The amount of gas the machine is making will determine the % concentration that is actually being inhaled. The higher the gas volume the higher the % concentration will go.
We have come up with a chart that shows how much gas can be inhaled to your body weight. People have different lung sizes that is usually determined by weight.
The machine that makes only 300 ml per minute is safe for anyone over 80 pounds. The other machine can very their gas output depending on weight.

These machines that make 2-3 liters per minute are dangerous. The studies you have read are in a clinical environments and are controlled so there cannot be any static electricity present.
Like the study says a static spark can ignite the gas and if this happens you do not want a flammable mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas inside your lungs.