Which Hydrogen Gas Machine Is Right For You?

Recently, we took an in-depth look at the pros and cons of hydrogen gas inhalation. You may have noticed in that post that there are different hydrogen gas products on the market. For instance, Brown’s gas machines produce a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen while pure hydrogen gas machines produce – you guessed it – pure hydrogen. So what’s the difference and how do you know which hydrogen gas breathing machine is right for you? Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of these two products:

Brown’s Gas Machine

A Brown’s gas machine produces a gas mixture that is approximately 2 parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. You may also see Brown’s gas referred to as oxy/hydrogen, HydraOxy, or HHO. It can be inhaled via a nasal cannula or cupped directly onto affected areas of the body.

The major plus of Brown’s gas machines is that they tend to be cheaper than machines that produce pure hydrogen. If cost is a factor, a Brown’s gas machine is a good choice. However, these machines also require a bit more maintenance. When using a Brown’s gas machine, you must add lye to the water to facilitate its operation. You must also clean the machine’s filter regularly to ensure that the lye is removed from the output gas.  

Pure Hydrogen Machine

As it’s name implies, pure hydrogen machines produce pure hydrogen that does not have any oxygen mixed in. The gas is produced using a process called Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM which is also referred to as SPE, or solid polymer electrolyte, technology.

Pure Hydrogen machines are generally more expensive than their Brown’s gas counterparts, but they are maintenance-free and require only the addition of distilled water for their operation. Similar to the gas produced by a Brown’s gas machine, pure hydrogen can be inhaled via a nasal cannula or cupped directly onto affected areas of the body. To date, most of the scientific studies that have been conducted on the benefits of hydrogen gas inhalation have been based on the use of a pure hydrogen gas machine.

So which hydrogen gas inhalation machine is right for you? There are a number of pros and cons to both units so it really depends upon your needs. But the good news is that no matter which machine you choose, you can feel confident that by inhaling hydrogen gas, you are giving your body a qualoty source of hydrogen at a much higher concentration of molecular hydrogen than you could achieve by drinking hydrogen water alone.